The Solution

POTEMA® Mattress Cleaning System is hygienic and does not use chemicals. The oldest the mattress is the most important is its cleaning. Nevertheless, new mattresses have to be cleaned regularly too. Even new mattresses are partially affected by dust-mites and produce excrements from the beginning. That is why children’s mattresses have to be cleaned regularly.

POTEMA® Cleaning System was created because mattresses cannot be washed. Through high frequency vibrations and an electronically controlled vacuum the dirt particles are liberated in the mattress. Then they are pulverized and vacuumed through an optimized system. Simultaneously a UVC radiation disinfects the surface of the mattress free from chemicals. This way all viruses, bacteria and molds are virtually eradicated.
This disinfection system gives very good results in the health area.


POTEMA® cleanliness and hygiene for mattress in the comfort of your own home

Allergens test

Before the mattress cleaning we will do a complete analysis in our mini laboratory to check the amount of allergens. To know the state of hygiene and allergens we use the test ACAREX®. In a few minutes we will know through the results of our test the proportional part of excrements and mites that inhabit the mattress.

After the mechanic cleaning the mattress will be treated with the biological spray for mattresses POTEMA® Cleaning Spray and it will have again a clean and refreshing smell. The POTEMA® Cleaning System is not aggressive and is apt for the majority of mattresses. It does not produce any noise or dust and is innocuous for humans and the environment. The mattress can stay in the frame and can be used immediately after.
Even though we consider the yearly cleaning of the mattress an essential need, it is also indispensable to achieve a continuous hygiene to avoid the proliferation of mites and bacteria. Bed covers are not a solution for this, in fact, they only cover the problem. Whether because they are 100% impermeable and do not allow the ventilation of the mattress, or because the cover is permeable and micro particles and mite excrements can pass through it. There is no cover that is at the same time 100% impermeable to mites and allows transpiration.


Because mattresses cannot be washed!

POTEMA® Control Seal

After cleaning the mattress a control seal will be put on it. It is the proof and guarantee of a clean and hygienic mattress. For POTEMA® healthy living means to get the appropriate products for a habitat virtually free from mites, bacteria, molds and viruses.




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